How to choose your handbag

Although it is a woman’s major accessory, the handbag offers a whole range of styles. Finding the right handbag is a challenge. How to choose your handbag without this purchase becoming a headache.

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It should sign a silhouette and a personality, accompany active life and fulfill the needs for representation. Here are some principles in the form of tips to help you decide on the right handbag for you and to help you how to choose your handbag.

how to choose your handbag

Tip number 1 , How to choose your handbag size

Think right about your anatomy

The handbag is first and foremost a volume and a container. How to choose your handbag without making a mistake.

You could easily imagine that large oversize handbags should be reserved to tall and slender ladies, while mini bags would be more suitable for smaller women and girls. Wrong thought!

Some big bags, such as satchel, postman or tote can adapt to many body types.

They can help a curvy silhouette by focusing the attention to the bag’s material or to its color. They can also very well enhance the curve that flatters a figure. Certain micro-bags, such as minaudière, pouch, clutch, saddle, can very easily prove to be the major asset in a fashion silhouette.

Very simple to grip, handbags can easily become an extension of the body and thus highlight a thin wrist, enhance a shoulder or accentuate the great cut of a jacket.

A well-chosen handbag respects individual needs and becomes the first identifier of your presence.

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Tip number 2, how to choose your handbag and be responsible

Prove responsible

In the context of increased awareness for sustainable development, choosing a handbag can prove important respect to responsible consumption. How to choose your handbag by respecting these principles.

Improving our behavior in choosing the right handbag implies exploring its manufacturing process and quality grade.

The coated canvas bags are a guarantee of solidity, provided that they are made in respect of the craftsmanship traditions.

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Opting for natural, stable and sustainable materials is the first step to achieve goals in the field of eco-responsibility. Animal lovers could also remember that leather is a natural material, recycled, most of the time (for veal, lambskin), from the food industry. Above all, leather is biodegradable and environment friendly.

Thus, say yes to classic leathers, yes to fancy leathers and even, depending on your point of view, yes to traceable, identified exotic leathers.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, a beautifully crafted leather will see the years (and your caresses) give it a silkier feel, a fascinating patina and a vintage look that will become more accentuated with time.

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The natural leathers of lambskin or calfskin, nappas as well as certain precious leathers have an unfailing strength.

Certain embellishments on leather can give this material more durability: crisped, grained, coated, varnished or embossed are treatments which, on top of bringing a stronger touch to leather, also give it an innovative, unusual and trendy aspect.

Some iconic bags can become memorabilia passed on within a family like a talisman. We have seen grandmothers give their favorite bag to their granddaughter. And the granddaughters wear it as a token of elegance and mutual affection.


Tip number 3, how to choose an handbag color

Choose color

It is easier to choose a color for a bag than to pick a shade for a garment. How to choose your handbag without making a mistake.

City dwellers favor black. In this case, it is the bag texture as well as its shape and metallic embellishments and parts that can give it some additional charm. Indeed, even all in all classic crossbody day bags become sublime and cutting-edge, when they are embellished with chains or with high craftsmanship stitching.

Warm colors such as chocolate and natural colors are also great classics. These tones blend very easily with all styles of look.

Beige, taupe and nude often display the most beautiful effect on handbags. They are an eye-catcher when worn with a dark outfit.

Warning ! It is important to watch the vibration of the color beige or a “nude” shades according to your skin tone.

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Choosing a strong color like a duck green or a fuchsia and even a red is a real statement, an assertion of oneself: “Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am not carrying everyone’s bag. “

No color is ever imposing itself on yourself because it’s trendy. Select your own!

Orange immediately reveals the energy and vitality you carry within yourself. Powder or even a bubble gum pink give a clue about your sweetness and impertinence.

Sky blue defines you as dreamy; ruby ​​or Ferrari red immediately show your flamboyance.

There is no such thing as a good color. There is only the color that suits you, the color of your aura, which you want to highlight.

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